Distance Fighting is the skill of using Distance Weapons.

While any player is capable of using Distance Weapons, Paladins advance in Distance Fighting much faster than any other vocations.

Since the Summer Update 2007 there is no real use of distance weapons for players of vocations other than paladins. For fun, high level Knights, Sorcerers and Druids may however be trying to use for instance Power Bolts because of the level bonus to their damage. It will never be profitable, though.

he primary benefit of using Distance Fighting, is that you are able to attack creatures from a distance. This greatly reduces the amount of damage that you receive from the creatures you are attacking, unless they also have a strong distance attack.

The greatest drawback to distance fighting, is that you cannot use a shield with your Bow or Crossbow. This means that you will take more damage if a creature is able to reach you. Another drawback is that Distance Fighting is very uneffective if the target is standing right next to you, attacks will miss often and those that do hit will do less damage.

But this is not the case for magical distance attacks, like wands, Rods, Runes, and Spells.