how to donate

if you really wanted to donate you could check out Buy Points on the website.

Automatic Donation

This is the automatic system for donations! every dollar you donate will turn in 15 points.. heres a quick reference chart to so you can see some example

Amount Donated Points Received
5.00$ 75 Points
10.00$ 150 Points
25.00$ 375 Points
100.00$ 1500 Points

Manual Donation

manual donations , unlike automatic donations, do not give you anything immediatly. you must ONLY manually donate if you have talked with a GM prior to donating and worked out the terms of the donation!

Why Donate

Premium Donor Areas



Donor Weapons.

  1. Donor Axe Weapons
  2. Donor Sword Weapons
  3. Donor Club Weapons
  4. Donor Distance Weapons
  5. Donor Wands/Rods

Donor Runes/Spells

Super Haste (utani gran mas hur) .

Demon Aura (exevo flam mas exa)

Conjure blank rune (adori blank)

Long Haste (utani mas hur)

Hell's Core (exevo hades)

Darkness Rune

Extreme Healing Rune

Of course there are many more spells and runes and things then this, but these are what we have listed for now, check back soon!

Donor NPC's

Helping the server

You will be helping the server!

how does it help the server?

We have to pay for bandwidth, webserver hosting, and you know how things are these days! they are expensive!