This page refers to food items. There is also a spell called Food (Spell).

A food is any edible item (besides a mana fluid or life fluid) that will regenerate Hit Points and Mana Points for a specific number of seconds each. There are several types of food. Some examples of food are the common Ham and Meat to the more classy Salmon and Coconut.

See also: List of Food by Regen per Gold.

List of Food by Regen per OzEdit

Name Trans Attrib Weight Regain Seconds Regain/Oz Dropped By

Baking Tray (With Dough) Lump of Cake Dough Lump of Dough Lump of Chocolate Dough Party Cake Meat Pumpkin Ham Green Perch Bread Brown Bread Cake Dragon Ham Ice Cream Cone (Venorean Dream) Melon Northern Pike Rainbow Trout Chocolate Cake Cheese Mango Scarab Cheese Fish Valentine's Cake Decorated Cake Corncob Cream Cake Roll Carrot Salmon Jalapeño Pepper Marlin Cucumber Grapes Bulb of Garlic Onion Pear Coconut Beetroot Plum Candy Cane Gingerbreadman Red Apple Banana Blueberry Cherry Lemon Raspberry Potato Tomato Red Mushroom Shrimp Strawberry Orange Candy Cookie Egg Coloured Egg (Blue) Coloured Egg (Green) Coloured Egg (Purple) Coloured Egg (Red) Coloured Egg (Yellow) White Mushroom Tortoise Egg Tortoise Egg from Nargor Some Mushrooms Wood Mushroom Yummy Gummy Worm Peanut Walnut Bar of Chocolate Green Mushroom Dark Mushroom Orange Mushroom Brown Mushroom Some Mushrooms (Brown) Fire Mushroom

Food with Unknown Regen per Oz RatioEdit

Name Trans Attrib Weight Regain Seconds Regain/Oz Dropped By

Ice Cream Cone (Chilly Cherry) Ice Cream Cone (Crispy Chocolate Chips) Ice Cream Cone (Blue-Barian)

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