Connecting to Nightfrostonline Edit

Getting On nightfrost is easy! just make sure to a couple things

  1. Head over to the Nightfrostonline website
  2. Just under "login" you can create an account!
  3. Fill out all the information and click i agree!
  4. Log into your account by pressing "login" on the main page.
  5. at the bottom of the page press create character
  6. Fill out the information! your done! now you have to redirect your client to our server!

To Make your tibia client log you into nightfrostonline, Follow these steps

  1. Get the latest client version
  2. Get an IP changer for your client. Click here for an IP changer.
  3. Set the clients Ip to and the port to 7171

Getting your first items Edit

The simplest way of getting new items is to walk out of town and tear them from a monster's corpse.

You are given strong enough equipment when you start the game you can immediately go and hunt creatures.

Pick up gold and their items that they drop. With the money you make selling their equipment you can purchase some runes and begin the hunt in earnest.

Where to start hunting Edit

The place you start hunting is really up to you. If you do not feel like looking for a hunting spot you can use the spellbinders guild's portals south of the temple in darkmatch. Just remember though, those spawns because they are accessible by portals will often have a lot of other people in them.

Nightfrost Tips Edit

Use English at all times in public channels.

Don't beg GM's for items.

Breaking either of these rules results in a ban, and its best to avoid that.