real Tibia map~ (This recommendation is worthless as there are a million real map servers. Make a real suggestion next time! - GM Michael)

  • Sundered earth, ice isle -- leave door open on buildings so ice witches can move --Jgarder 06:42, 17 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Maybe change the map as it is summer, the map is perfect, but then soon enough it will be winter, go threw and edit darkmatch as if it snowed overnight
  • and darkmatch is covered with snow?----------Ashbringer ( too much work for no reward. - Gm Michael )
  • Take away the TELEPORTS make it to where u take a boat or walk to your hunting grounds 1. this would take almost no work 2. it would give the server a more of a rpg feel 3. it would decrease botters (not noob friendly people still botted anyhow maybe worse before we had them, they only cover 6-12 of our hunting grounds there are atleast 100 on the server. - GM Michael)
  • It also makes people not want to explore just goto the teleports and not explore, I know a lvl 198 who has never hunted anywhere else other than Hydra (That wont change by removing the teleports. They will just find a different server. Not that I care but jgarder does.)
  • nah they wouldn't leave everyone loves a good rpg map just the teleports takes away the rpg feeling, but what ever the staff wants to do; not much i can do about it xD

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