What are they?

Quests are in-game challenges where a player or group of players solve challenging riddles or puzzles for a special reward; some quests in fact involve challenging Monsters a lot of time.
People who reveal quests in public channels or elsewhere to ruin the fun of other people trying to figure out a quest on their own are called quest spoilers. This website is popular because it engages in quest spoiling.


They have many purposes, getting money, getting rare items or just have fun with friends.

How can I start one?

Talk with NPCs, ask them about missions or just have a chat with them and you may find something interesting. Other ways include spoiling the quest by searching in sites or asking players.

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This section may contain some spoiling information. If you do not want to see it, you are suggested to leave this page.

Quest List

The quest are categorized by what town there in.

Venson Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]
Paradise island quest 0 no Venson Crown helmet, warhammer
Crude Iron Quest 0 no Huge Chunk of Crude Iron.
Steel Boots Quest 0 no Venson Behemoth cave. Steel Boots,
Annihilator Quest 100 no Below Venson minotaur cave.
Frozen Starlight Quest 0 no Frozen Starlight
Arcane Staff Quest 150 Yes Below Venson dragon spawn Arcane Staff, or Crystal Arrow.
Fire Sword Quest 0 no Fire Sword, Tower Shield, and Beholder Helmet.
Royal Helmet Quest 50 no Venson Dragons. Royal helmet, charmer tiara, and Post Officers Hat.
Giant Spider Quest 40 no Venson Giant Spider cave Giant sword, Blue Robe, and Ice Rapier.
Boots of Haste Quest 40 no Orc Fort in Venson Boots of haste, Stone Skin Amulet, and Medusa Shield.
Black Knight Quest 60 no Crown Armor, and Crusader Helmet.
Blessed Shield Quest 100 no Blessed Shield, Magic Sword(SOV), and Dwarven Armor.

Ceralen Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]
Dark Helmet Quest 0 No Threw the portal located in the center of town. Dark Helmet.
Ferumbras Tower Quest 100 No
Golden Boots Quest 150 No Golden Boots.
Violet Gem Quest 170 No Violet Gem, and Talon.
Small Sapphire Quest 180 No Far South East of Ceralen on the other side of the bridge. Small Sapphire, Small Diamond, and 1 Gold Coin.
The Level 200 Quest 200 No Far north east of Ceralen at the bottom of the cyclops hole. Great Axe, Hammer of Wrath, Pharaoh Sword, and Arbalest.

Honu Hanu Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]
Demon Armor Quest 125 no Honu Hanu's hidden Demon maze. Demon Armor, Ceremonial Mask, and Dragon Scale Legs.
Red Gem Quest 0 no Red Gem
Crown Legs Quest 0 no Honu Hanu Hydra Cave. Crown Legs, Skull Staff, Crocodile Boots, Emerald Bangle, and Dwarven Helmet.
Thunder Hammer Quest 0 no Honu Hanu Underground Island Thunderhammer.
Second Promotion Quest 150 Yes Honu Hanu underground island. Second Promotion.

Barondor Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]
Warrior's Sweat Quest 245 Yes Warrior's Sweat, and Fighting Spirit.

Omaviro Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]
Helmet of the Ancients Quest 150 no Omaviro's tarpit tomb. Helmet of the Ancients.
50 no hidden necro cave in the desert.

Darkmatch Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]

Meragon Quests

Name [1] Level [2] Donor [3] Location [4] Reward [5]

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