This is a Premium account Quest
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Also known as: 2nd promo quest
Reward: Second promotion
Location: In the depths of Honu hanu
Level required: 150 (higher level or team suggested)
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Juggernauts, Elder necromancers, Lesser demons, Queen Quotexwelaravens and a Training monk
Legend: The second promotion is a hard to get thing, short of donating for it, the only way to get it is a hard quest. The quest has demons, elder necromancers, juggernauts, and it near impossible. before many updates the npc's were often confusing.. with many secret keywords to do the quest.
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Required Equipment


  • Enter the cave that is directly west of the Ancient Temple entrance (here). You will need to use a Shovel to open the hole.
  • Follow this path to the north and east until you find the room with a well in it:

File:Scale Armor Quest Map.jpg

  • "Use" the lower-right corner of the well to go down into it. Be prepared to face one or more Scorpions.