Venson Edit

Venson is the place to go for many quests and if you want to use hunting grounds in peace.

When Nightfrost was in its younger years, Players started at level 8, and Venson was the starting town. Hence many really low level spawns surround the town and if for some reason you want easy carefree hunts you should head here.

If you are looking for a bit more challenge, there are many quests available around this town, some can be very high level. These include the great C-arrow/Sprite wand quest.

Honu hanu Edit

Honu hanu has many hunting spawns such as dragons, hydras, and demons. You can access the dragons and hydras by simply going through the portal in Darkmatch. To enter the hydras spawn's portal, you'd have to have atleast 250 gp with you. The dragons spawn is free! To hunt the demons here, you'd have to explore. Within the demon spawn, there is a dsl, demon armor, and ceremonial mask quest. The quest is for lvl 115+. You might want to bring a team to defeat groups of demons and lesser demons in this quest. Throughout the grounds of Honu Hanu, there are many low lvl monsters such as lizards, apes, cyclops, black knights, and more!

Barondor Edit

Barondor is a donar-only access village. In Barondor, there is a huge demon spawn. This demon spawn is perfect for knights. Sorcs, druids, and pallys would have to be very experienced to hunt here.

Meragon Edit

Meragon is a donor only town. This town is centrally located on the nightfrost server and has a host of teleports to all sorts of fantastic hunting grounds.

Meragon has a few selective hunting spots but most people come here for the Portal Nexus at the towns main building. The portals take you to a host of higher level hunting spots, sporting demons, warlocks, undead, and just about all the high level spawns you could want.

With nearly 1, 400 SQM of land total, and some of the finest houses on the server, Meragon is a town that should not be missed, even if you have to get a friend to buy you 30 days of premium in order to see it.

Darkmatch Edit

Darkmatch Is the starting town, it has many things to offer.