Training Edit

Training grounds are located east of the temple in Darkmatch. Follow the main path east and you will come to two sets of stairs with signs reading "00:06 You see a sign. You read: Monestary. The Stairs are holy ground. If you have evil in your heart you may not enter." Enter there and continue to your own private training room where you are safe from attack.

Tips Edit

  • Training is vital for any serious player. Training in Nightfrost, as in RL Tibia, has deep impact on damage for spells for druids and sorcerers, distance and shielding for paladins, and any of the weapons your knight may have as well as shielding.
  • Nightfrost rules when training do not apply you can get away with most everything to excel your training experience.(Be sure to read the rules to make sure what your doing is legal.)