The Mighty Warrior (Knight)

This specific vocation in the world of NightFrost is the "muscle" on the server. The knight focuses on pure brute strength. While their damage inflict upon creatures/players is weaker than other classes such as the Sorcerer, they have a larger increase in health rate each level up.

Basic class weaponry: Club, Sword, Axe (Shield)

The Masterful Mage (Sorcerer)

The Sorcerer is the magic wielder of the server. While damage inflict is greater than most classes, the downfall of this vocation is the lack of health rate each level up. On the other hand, this class has the most mana rate each level up.

Basic class weaponry: Wand (Shield), Spellbooks

The Cunning Archer (Paladin)

The Paladin is the speed and agility of the server. The paladin's damage inflict is balance between that of the Knight and the Sorcerer, as well as it's health rate and mana rate. If you are looking for a balanced vocation, this is for you!

Basic class weaponry: Bow, Crossbow, Arrows/Bolts


The Natural Herbalist (Druid)

The Druid is the healer support of the server. While damage is relatively close to that of the Sorcerer, the Druid tends to have more health rate than the Sorcerer, but also less mana rate than the Sorcerer.

Basic class weaponry: Rod (Shield), Spellbooks